Hi and Welcome to French for Life!

I’m so pleased that you have made it our website. For over 18 years we have been at the forefront of providing French language classes, VCE exam preparation and private tuition to students throughout Melbourne.

All our classes have been carefully prepared and planned to make sure that you will experience the true taste, culture and experience of France, while providing you with a very safe, comfortable and interactive environment to develop your French language skills.

Immerse yourself in the exciting culture, food and history of France and at the same time expand your understanding, appreciation and love for all that this great country has to offer.

And if you’re really wanting to take your new love of the French language and culture to a new level, why not join us for one of our regular group tours to France? Here you will have the opportunity to join other passionate travellers as we explore the history, towns, villages and icons that have defined the French experience over many centuries.

I hope you’ll come to love this language and country as much as I do!

Au revoir et à bientôt!


Join Us on Our Next Tour to France

Walk in the footsteps of incredible men and women in places where events of uncommon proportion and consequences have taken places since humankind has walked the Earth, and when you emerge from this world, the earthy life will greet you with the ‘gastronome Lyonnaise’ and worldwide renowned wine to bring you back to reality !

French Language Classes, Tours and Private Tuition for Students
Who Want to Discover the Unique Culture, History and People of France

Adult Language Classes

No matter whether you are an adult learner that is just starting or someone who has been learning the language for several years and now wants to refine and improve their skills, our diverse range of courses, workshops and travel tours can help you reach your language goals.

High School and VCE Tuition

Securing the help of a qualified and proficient tutor can make a tremendous difference in your child’s ability to learn, assimilate and enjoy learning French. Additionally, it provides your child with the advantage of one-on-one, support and coaching to help them excel in their language proficiency and confidence.

Cultural Tours to France

French for Life runs regular cultural tours to France where you will discover the remarkable beauty of this beautiful country. Walk in the footsteps of incredible men and women in places where events of uncommon proportion and consequences have taken place. Emerge from this world and allow the ‘gastronome Lyonnaise’ to entice your senses!

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