« In France, Passion is a Virtue »

– Ann Radcliffe

About French for Life

It is not by accident, or just to find pretty words which sound good that this business has been called FRENCH for LIFE.

Indeed, this is the reflection of what these words together represent for us: French IS for life.

Besides, is not this title expressly ambiguous? ‘French’ may mean ‘French’ (birth and heart), but also ‘French’, a living language.

Our goal is to show the hidden faces of France. Even with thousands of other online sites, we at French for Life believe that this country, which receives the largest number of tourists in the world, still has something secret to unveil.

We believe that past events, pieces of the world puzzle, are linked to our present life. French for Life opens the door to this part of our history.

Why Learn with Us?

  • We provide both private tutoring and small group learning for both adults and high school students
  • We help you develop the confidence and competence required to reach your language goals
  • We create the perfect learning space and atmosphere to make our students feel comfortable
  • Learning is organised to suit your own level of ability and at a pace that is optimum for you
  • We are passionate about helping our students enjoy their learning and have fun during the process

Why Are So Many People Attracted to this Country?

France has been influential in the world since the dawn of time. Very few countries have the privilege of having left their imprint on the world, if not always for the better, most of the time. In France, for instance, you will come in contact with a past that has been kept alive for us to understand today and prepare for tomorrow.

France has been influential in the world since the dawn of time. Very few countries have the privilege of having marked the history of the world with such force.

“There is no country in the world with more cultural influence than France“, says a study published at the World Economic Forum in January 2017 – cultural influence by its language, complex because beautiful, by its history rich in events that converts freedoms and fundamental rights, such as freedom of expression, into the common heritage of the French.

Why We Love What We Do at French for Life …

At French for Life we are delighted to be able to help both high school students and adult learners deepen their connection, love and appreciation of the French culture and language. Which is why everything we do is based on creating greater levels of Connection, Understanding and Acceptance with our students.

France attracts by a charm that cannot be completely defined, which is why the expression “un je-ne-sais-quoi” is used in the English-speaking countries to describe something that is difficult to put into words, to speak of a quality which cannot be described or named easily.  This – is France!


  • Our unique approach helps students expand their learning beyond the classroom encouraging them to develop ‘real world learning’, satisfaction and enjoyment.
  • By engaging in shared learning experiences our students experience the benefits of being fully present, involved and inspired in their learning. As a result they experience greater levels of confidence, enjoyment and purpose in their learning


  • Learning a new language helps deepen your understanding of world culture helping you to engage more confidently and proficiently with other French speakers and natives.
  • It will also help you to understand how language can bring people together and give you a greater appreciation for differences and similarities.


  • Learning a new language has the ability to help you deepen your levels of acceptance of other cultures, while also helping you to accept yourself.

About Arnaud Vendroux

As a teacher, educator and tutor, Arnaud has now been sharing his passion for French language and culture with students throughout Melbourne for over 18 years.

All of his classes, tours and private tuitions are based on delivering the highest level of experience, understanding and cultural awareness in everything that he does.

“Live what you do” is one of the favourite insights that passes on to his students, and is the basis upon which he lives his own life, as a role-model for every interaction in his life.

French for Life is a living proof of this commitment which is based on a desire to
bring a little piece of France into the lives of all of his students.

Born and bred in France, Arnaud has been living in Australia for many years. He is very proud when he says that the two cultures are similar in the way that they appreciate all that life has to offer. Enjoying good wine, sharing a meal amongst family and friends, and even being proud of their country’s colours and history are all attributes that we share in common.