Language Classes and Tuition

Our Classes, Workshops and Private Tuition

At French for Life we specialise in helping both adults and high school students gain the confidence, knowledge and proficiency needed to expand their love, fluency and appreciation of the French language and its history and culture.

All our classes have been carefully prepared and planned to make sure that you will experience the true taste, culture and experience of France, while providing you with a very safe, comfortable and interactive environment to develop your French language skills.

Immerse yourself in the exciting culture, food and history of France and at the same time expand your understanding, appreciation and love for all that this great country has to offer.


Adult Language Classes

At French for Life I’m passionate about sharing the real culture, history and experience of France with all of my students. No matter whether you are an adult learner that is just starting or someone who has been learning the language for several years and now wants to refine and improve their skills, our diverse range of courses, workshops and travel tours can help you reach your language goals. Discover more …

Private Tuition for High School Students

Securing the help of a qualified and proficient tutor can make a tremendous difference in your child’s ability to learn, assimilate and enjoy learning French. Additionally, it provides the child with the advantage of one-on-one, support and coaching to help tailor the learning to their individual needs – something which is often lacking in the traditional school classroom environment. Discover more …

VCE Exam Preparation

Focused exam coaching and mentoring can dramatically help improve your child’s performance, confidence and self-esteem prior to their exams. It will also provide them with a detailed understanding of what to expect, how to manage different types of exam questions and scenarios and provide them with valuable insight and guidance to ensure that feel confident and prepared on the day. Discover more …

Like to Know More About Our Classes and Tuition?

For an obligation-free phone call and discussion about our Adult Classes or to discuss tuition or exam preparation for your child please contact Arnaud directly on 0402 932 977 or click the button below to send us a message.